Draw from the highest rated, highest quality Servicers in your area. Comprehensive profiles mean you know who you're doing business with.


You can use our global network or use our platform to assign your own contractors.


Name your price or solicit quotes from our network of over 100,000 qualified, credentialed Servicers.

AFFORDABLE LICENSES puts more power in your hands, that means we can offer the most affordable per-order pricing on the web. Check it out!

The Process


Clients who require nationwide, in-home services can utilize to fulfill their service events. Retailers both large and small, remote support providers, product manufacturers, and third party administrators, amongst others, all benefit from our existing network, robust credentialing and speed of set up with

2 publishes orders to all eligible Servicers in the area. Clients determine what makes a Servicer eligible - from background checks and licenses to custom certifications


Top-rated Servicers place requests or bids for incoming orders. This innovative request process provides expanded geographical coverage into outlying areas, reduces response times and shrinks scheduling windows.


Clients choose the best Servicer amongst the requestors and assign the work. You can use our powerful tools to automate the assignment process or choose to manage orders manually as they come.


The assigned Servicer completes the work with the customer and uploads the required documentation, which is reviewed by the client prior to releasing payment

Start Placing Work on


Powered by ServicePower is powered by ServicePower Technologies Plc (AIM: SVR), the only company that provides a complete global, mobile, field management platform enabling clients to mix labor channels to utilize employed, contracted resources, and on demand resources while controlling all elements of the field service lifecycle, from planning to execution and analysis.

We offer a range of integrated software products and services that are used by some of the leading manufacturers, third party administrators, insurance companies and telecommunications companies worldwide. is built on the powerful ServicePower tool ServiceMarket. ServiceMarket is the only 3rd party marketplace management platform that can be licensed and branded separately.

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